We offer our clients a series of procedures and strategic methodologies that facilitate the adoption of new technologies and initial study of launch a commercial network, those services including :
•  Technology and product evaluation
•  Network migration and expansion planning
•  Strategic revenue analysis and business planning
•  Traffic modeling and multimedia access strategy
•  Network design and optimization process development and guidelines

With diversity of the technical capability, our organization is able to provide a complete range of Radio Frequency (RF) engineering services with all the major wireless technologies �C GSM, CDMA, TDMA, IS-41, iDEN, UMTS, GPRS, 1xRTT, EDGE and others

These services are necessary for the deployment of new and expanding networks and also essential to the implementation of technical and/or frequency modifications and overlays over existing networks to optimize the performance and improve network usage efficiency:

• Identification of planning objectives, such as coverage/capacity/quality requirements
• Preliminary RF Design through model tuning and CW drive testing
• Capacity planning, coverage design to include “hot-spots” and in-building coverage
•  Search ring release and candidate evaluation through site visits
•  Intermodulation and isolation analysis
•  Final RF Design with PN/frequency planning
•  RF site integration and site functionality testing
•  RF design evaluation through observed capacity and  coverage demands on the system
•  RF site and RF database audits, evaluation and revising to enhance performance and system capacity
•  Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring on a sector, site, cluster, SM, BSC and MSC basis to identify “hot-spots” and trouble areas
• Benchmark drive testing for competitor performance analysis

While Project Management is core of every constructional project, Project Management is what enables us to meet our clients' expectations when we provide it as a standalone service offering to manage network construction:

•  An alignment process ensures that we commence each project with common objectives in terms of schedule, cost, quality, deliverables, reporting, and other considerations.
•  Regular reviews ensure that we stay aligned throughout the term of the engagement.
• Our dedicated management personnel are able to monitor and maximize the performance of the field teams to enhance the responsiveness to our clients.


With network maturity and market competition , eventually operators will shift their focus from operating and managing an operational wireless network to development of new services and applications, improvement of customer care, and marketing.
We provide most of the services required to meet these transition intervals from a temporary basis to fill a short-term or indefinite resource gap with staff augmentation, or on a permanent basis to fulfil outsourced functions.

•  Switch facility operations & maintenance
•  Base station (cell site) operations and maintenance
•  Cell site physical maintenance
•  Fixed network operations and maintenance
•  Competitive analysis & benchmarking
•  Standards & best practices development and audit
•  Hardware & software provisioning and upgrades
•  Site & system audits
•  Asset management
•  Property management
•  Tower marketing and management
•  Network Operations Center (NOC) design and set-up
•  NOC Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance & Security (FCAPS) Management

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