Our history of developing the highest quality training program began in 2001. In providing technical consulting services to our customer, we soon recognized that there was bigger demand for training - to provide client employee with the training courses that was much-needed to cultivate their job skill and professional to compatible to both individual career development and job requirements.

After conducted few solid classroom training, we found it was virtually unavailable good lecturer and resources from simply field consultants even though they are rich experienced and instructional books were less than effective in teaching the workings of dynamic technology and products, and the way of mobilization of these industry personnel makes it a barrier to the traditional learning methodology and environment.

To us, computer based training (CBT) seemed to be the right answer for delivering exceptional instruction to meet the exacting standards of professionals. We now alliance with our partners in the below mixed training service offering to target our client with better training scheme, process and quality control as well as training investment control and return.

•  Establish training strategy and mechanism to support operational struture and business objectives
•  Develop courseware base on most upfront requirement
•  Customize LMS(learning management system) platform for enterprize client
•  For details please visit our online training center

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